Hi there! We hike, we travel, and are in a constant battle to have less stuff, all with our trusty Corgi by our side. Check out the blog for hiking stuffs, hard talks about getting rid of stuff, and whatever we feel like talking about.


The best way to learn who we are and what we do is to read our initial blog post: Manifesto

TL;DR? 2 peeps, 1 Dog, lots of hiking and getting rid of crap


Minimal Monday

In the spirit of the minimalist part of this project, I wanted to start writing about what we’re doing to simplify our lives. However, to tell that story on the day to day small things, we need to talk about the big thing; the house.  Making conscious decisions to have a smaller lifestyle started with …


The best ways to contact us are:

Wander around the White Mountains and look for a corgi. That’s probably us.

You could also email us at mrmoutainminimal@gmail.com.

I would highly suggest the wandering though, it’s far more satisfying than email.