Who we are

My wife and I are aspiring Dirtbags, or maybe even Desk Monkey Dirtbags. We want to spend most of our time hiking in the mountains, exploring new places, petting our dog, feeding our dog, and in general paying attention to the dog, but you know…outdoors. We’re from the Live Free or Die state, and we live in the White Mountain National Forest which makes day to day hiking very easy. We’re both AMC 4000 footer club members as of this year. We are however, not discriminating in the outdoor experience and will hike any mountain or any trail!

What we’re doing on the internet

Mostly this is so we can remember the process. We fell into the same trap most people do: buy/rent tiny condo/apartment when you’re young, fill it with stuff, make more money than before so you can buy/rent bigger house that fits more stuff, get more stuff, make slightly more so you can buy more stuff, get even bigger house, and so on and so on. George Carlin it turns out was spot on, it became a place for our stuff. 

We decided to break that cycle last year and get rid of the house. That kicked off a massive pairing down of things as we moved to a much smaller space. 6 months later we realized that we missed almost none of the stuff, and in fact may be happier as a result of a decluttered life.

We’re documenting the process of downsizing so we can look back fondly at the piles of stuff we used to have and gaze upon the money spent on and space taken up by said things while slowly working less, needing less stuff, and having more experiences.

We’re also using this as a bit of a travelogue. As we get older I expect to have a proper old person memory. That means yelling all my family members names in succession before arriving at the right one, but also it means not necessarily remembering a particular hike, or the feeling associated with a place we were at any given time. Writing it down will help us remember the feels associated with time, which will hopefully help us examine how said feels change over time.

What you can expect

Sporadic updates…at best. My plan is to take the things in our lives and take a hard look at them; do we need them, do they add value, should they be removed? Those I expect will almost always be reviews of weird stuff we own. I want to think critically about the process of removing more “stuff” from our lives. These reviews will be my meditation on removing something from our lives.

The other and likely more frequent use of this site will be thoughts on our travels and the outdoors. Writing about it will help us process the experience. When you’re neck deep in Type 2 or 3 fun you don’t always have the same memories as you might days and weeks after the experience.

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