Montana (and also Wyoming)

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written anything here. In the time I’ve been gone, we’ve been wandering around the country a lot. As noted in the previous post, selling your home and moving into a small condo gives you tons of options. A big option is simply not needing to be home all the time. In the winter, I had minor but annoying surgery so big backpacking adventures were off the table for a while.

We snowbirded all the way down to Orlando for a few weeks and then halfbacked to Asheville, NC to ride out the rest of winter in Pisgah National Forest. I like Florida just fine, and Asheville…well the town wasn’t my jam, but man is Pisgah awesome. After that we went back to Estes Park, CO where we may end up after all our travels are over, it’s just that nice. The thing is, none of those things made me feel like I needed to dust off the old site.* Until Montana (and also Wyoming) .

View from the top of Storm Castle in Gallatin Nat’l Forest

Our summer destination was all the way up in Big Sky, MT where we would be for July and August. The drive North through Wyoming was one of the single most amazing drives I have ever been on. There were amazing rolling hills and mountain scenery that dropped our jaws every damn mile. Just when we thought things can’t possibly be any better, we saw the Tetons for the first time.

The Teton Range from Jackson Lake

This was the first indication that my preconcieved notions about Wyoming and Montana were way off and about to be blown away in sepctacular fashion.

As anyone who has driven this way can tell you, Grand Teton is just the appetizer. The main course is Yellowstone. I’m going to talk more about Yellowstone soon, so I won’t get into much here. Our first experience with Yellowstone was driving from the South Entrance abutting Grand Teton through the Rockefeller Memorial Parkway to the West Entrance. On the way we saw waterfalls, canyons, and Bison herds.

The first, but not last Bison herd we saw at Yellowstone.

Leaving Yellowstone was hard. We had a dog in tow and National Parks really don’t want you bringing your dog with you. There was just so much to do that we had to drive by. Drive by we did though, up through the Gallatin National Forest (more on this later as well) which finally brought us to Big Sky, Montana. If this was what we got out of just the drive up…holy crap.

There’s so much of the last few months that I’m going to try to write about, but if the experience we had this summer was just the drive from Colorado to Montana, it would have been an amazing summer. We made it to Big Sky the first week of July, and one of the best summers ever got started in earnest. Stay tuned for details, I swear I will actually post for at least a while.

Lone Peak from Big Sky Moutain Village, our summer home for 2019

*To be fair to Colorado, we were mostly there to do some really hard and physical work. We’re headed back to close out the summer hiking in RMNP, so I’ll have some stuff to talk about then.

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